"Three Things About You"

The Unmasked Doco project began in autumn 2020 when I found myself unable to work professionally in film and television due to COVID measures. I was becoming concerned about the impact of "lock-downs", masks, and other interventions on those around me, especially my children and my parents.

I decided to have a go at documenting, on camera, what I regarded as the worst effects of the COVID response in the hope of shedding some light on the plight of those who had been left out of the government's political calculus – people in care homes, vulnerable children, the self-employed, the lonely, families in crowded accommodation... the list is long.

I had some success and some set-backs. Chief of the successes were two interviews that I did with two brave ladies, Jane, and Nicky, that each gained some purchase with viewers and helped shed some light on what was going on.

On the down-side there were two main problems. Firstly, it was simply very difficult, both during lock-down and the weird euphoria of the summer months that followed, to gain access to the sort of subject I needed. The shroud of silence was effective and self-enforcing.

Secondly, I was working against the political grain without a team of researchers, an existing profile, or a budget. It was not obvious how to raise awareness of the project and to find subjects without releasing my material as I went along. Furthermore, this had to be the best material, especially as it had a potentially positive political impact and featured folks who were speaking with urgency and often in desperation.

So in February 2021 I put Unmasked Doco on hold and instead went to work alongside other organisations producing quick-turnaround campaigning pieces. In the meantime, I continued to develop my concept for a feature length film, researching, gathering footage, and making contacts with experts and potential subjects.

Over the last several months, with the work of news organisations like GB News, Talk Radio and the Daily Skeptic, alongside charities and non-profits including The Covid-19 Assembly, Unlocked, Together and Collateral Global, a more open debate has begun. (And thank goodness given the turmoil that is unfolding so close to our shores.)

There remains a huge gap in the market for a considered and entertaining film that speaks to the carefully hidden truth underlying what we're suffering and they way through. I know from personal experience that, in the majority, Big Media – the production companies, the studios, the talent, and, sadly, the crew and technicians – are incapable of shining a light on the more sinister events of the past few years for fear of blinding themselves.

It therefore falls on the little guys to fill that gap. Fortunately, the subject matter, the public demand and the technology are all on our side.

I truly hope for a groundswell of counter-cultural activity to balance the mainstream narrative in the coming period. My small contribution is:

"Three Things About You", a Feelgood Movie About Love and Hope... and Science.

I will need your support in various ways. Please sign up to this site to find out more about the movie and how you can help get it made.